Traveler's Tool Kit: Mexico and Central America is a comprehensive travel guide that will enable you to travel successfully in one of the most exciting and affordable regions of the world. It also shows you so many ways to SAVE MONEY that it will pay for itself 20 times over. Here's what others are saying...

"Rob Sangster and Tim Leffel have written the definitive guide to traveling in Mexico and Central America. It's a smart roadmap for any south-of-the-border traveler."
—Christopher Elliott, National Geographic Traveler

"This is the guidebook to Mexico and Central America that is as philosophical as it is practical, one to read and study well before the trip, one that will send you off fully prepared while stoking the fire in the belly necessary for a new life on the road south of the border."
Chicago Tribune

"Sangster and Leffel remind us of the power of travel to change lives and to teach us how people elsewhere live. This book, with its treasure trove of resources, will help you get the most out of your trips, and then some."
—Sherry Schwarz, editor, Transitions Abroad

"Covering topics from safety to shopping and packing tips to preserving memories, this encyclopedic reference will help travelers better enjoy their journeys to this popular part of the world."
International Travel News

"Aimed at travelers who want to dive deep and fully experience the region, this volume is packed with just the right mix of travel philosophy, cultural insights and practical tips."
—Jim Benning, coeditor,

"This handy Tool Kit is loaded with great tips for every right-minded, cost-conscious traveler—and other stuff, like the fact that the birth-control pill was conceived from a Mexican yam."
—Jeff Greenwald, author, Scratching the Surface

"To ensure you feel fully prepared and confident, Traveler's Tool Kit is in a class by itself."
—Bob Sehlinger, executive publisher, The Unofficial Guides series

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